Thought-Based Approach

Help for Your Life

Unleash Your Autistic Superpowers

A 6 - 8 week coaching programme for autistic women and girls tailored to your needs, we cover some of the most common challenges that autism can present. Learn how to:
  • Reduce negative inner dialogue so your mindset is supportive of you.
  • Release trauma from your past​
  • Identify triggers and work to reduce your exposure to them
  • Manage and reduce meltdowns and shutdowns
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Remove the masks
  • Create new systems to support executive functioning
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I Think I'm Autistic - Now What?

The autistic now what programme is perfect for adults seeking confirmation that they’re autistic. This programme doesn’t provide a full diagnosis, but it offers the information needed to make you feel validated and in your power. Should you wish to pursue a formal NHS recognised Autism diagnosis this is the first stage, alternatively I can refer you to a reputable diagnostic team outside of my organisation.

What’s in the programme?

Our lovely coach AJ will guide you through the consultation paperwork, this means you won’t procrastinate and put the paperwork off and you won’t second guess yourself and the answers you provide as AJ will help keep you on track and on topic. Then our qualified clinician Nic will take you through the diagnostic consultation within 2 weeks she’ll provide a detailed report with her findings. Following this there are 3 coaching sessions with Nicky to help you to step into your authentic autistic self. 18+ only, spaces are limited.
  • Full support to process the emotions of your diagnosis/self diagnosis
  • How to identify and manage emotions
  • Who to tell and how to tell them
  • How to deal with invalidating remarks
  • Manage routine, to minimise burnout
  • Learn to love your autistic self
  • Workplace support with a HR specialist
  • Tools to dissolve past traumas and limiting beliefs
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