One size fits all?

Apr 27, 2022

M recently wrote this for the blog, it’s her take as a 13-year-old on school uniform and the importance of clothes. We can learn a lot from our children and teens, and I totally agree with what M has to say. Clothes can be a sensory nightmare, uniforms can feel restrictive and uncomfortable, when you’re able to choose what you wear it gives you a sense of purpose, your clothes very much feed into your identity and how good or bad you feel about yourself, clothes are an extension of ourself, as adults most of us have been on a special night out, one where we’ve dressed up and consciously chosen our outfit, we chose items that make us feel amazing, and when people see us dressed up they use phrases like “ you scrub up well” these clothes make us feel special and empowered. So, when you’re forced to wear a uniform at school because those are the rules, it takes that individuality away from us. Enough from me, here’s what M has to say on the topic.


“I am writing to you to share my opinion on school uniform. I think students should wear their own clothes because it makes them feel that closer to home and what they’re comfortable in. Their clothes and for people with special needs don’t like curtain materials and the uniforms can agitate them and effect their focus and work, they might not get much done because they feel uncomfortable, but then teachers will tell them off for that when there’s nothing they have done, it’s the uniform and many teachers tell people off for fidgeting when they’re trying to get to a point where the uniform doesn’t irritate them. It can also help them feel closer to the people they miss, so it can help them focus as some people have a support person that keeps them calm and if they can smell them or know they’ve been near you then it can just help them a lot to do more work and focus. It can also make people overheat as it has a lot of layers, whereas if you had your own clothes then you can see the weather and pick an outfit for the weather. And it can help people to express themselves a lot more as they can show their style, what they like to do and that could get people more friends and be more comfortable around others because they can see that they’re alike, and also it can express people’s sexualities and identity by the choice of what they wear and because teachers get to wear their choice of clothing. I know there is a barrier around what they can wear but they still have a wider choice than us where we only have two outfits, to wear school uniform or P.E. kit. Many teachers talk about setting an example for the younger years, yet they don’t set an example for wearing uniform”.

I wonder what other people’s thoughts are on clothing and how it impacts us physically and emotionally. I’ll leave you with my top tip for annoying clothes, I turn them inside out, so if you’ve got s t-shirt under your shirt, wear the t-shirt inside out, the seams don’t rub you, no tags to irritate you and nobody can see you’re doing it, so it’s a win win situation.

Thank you M for writing in and talking about such an important topic, your input is greatly appreciated.